About Aamanns Botanical Senses

Our edit of soaps and body lotion brings a chef’s layered sensory language and love of classic ingredients to the world of scent. Created to enhance the experience of Adam Aamann’s gastronomic universe, they are the fragrance parallel to his celebrated cooking: solid craftsmanship and unexpected combinations of flavours and aromatics. 

What sets our natural fragrances apart is the use of not only the highest quality essential oils but also CO2 extracts, a method that ensures an extremely high level of fresh and distinct notes – as if you’d just peeled a juicy orange or plucked a twig of thyme. They smell, feel and are natural, distilled into a luxurious, mild product with long mileage that leaves skin smooth and soft. 

Aamanns Botanical Senses open up atmospheric scent landscapes that take us somewhere we recognise – a balmy afternoon under a cypress tree in the South of France, memories of lemon-scented Mediterranean holidays – but with a refined fusion of notes that spark our curiosity. Comfortingly recognisable yet original, innovative and uncompromising, just like Adam Aamann’s cooking. 

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