After ten years in the international fashion industry, Mette returned to Copenhagen over a decade ago to produce her first Karmameju collection.
The 100% SPA beauty range began as a selection of exquisite scented candles, carefully handmade with all-natural and non-harmful ingredients, the very same ethos which remains integral to the entire 100% SPA collection today.
Now represented throughout Europe in leading luxury fashion, beauty stores and spas, Karmameju has now been refined into two outstanding collections, the Loungewear collection and 100% SPA natural skincare.
The 100% Spa collection is a premium range of therapeutic skincare designed to nurture and protect your body, mind and spirit. Working closely with our established British apothecary and laboratory, we create heavenly products with sophisticated performance and wonderful natural, heady aromas. Blended at therapeutic ratios, our products not only deliver visible results, but actively promote physical and mental wellness, inner radiance and vitality.